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Make Your Words the Narcotic


Despite the diagnostic and treatment dilemmas physicians and nurses face, acute and chronic pain doesn’t have to be so difficult to treat. The MindWise Protocol (MWP) for Patient-Driven Drug-Free Pain Management is a simple-to-learn, easy-to-do self-hypnosis protocol that has been proven to be quick and effective for the treatment of acute and chronic pain.


Healthcare providers are aware of the high-risk of side effects associated with narcotics and non-narcotics in the treatment of acute and chronic pain, and recent clinical studies have shown that more than 90% of opioid addiction occurs because household members gain access to leftover narcotics. Elimination of this bridge should be the number one priority of every physician.


Medical literature and various governmental agencies (e.g., Center of Disease Control ( have mandated the use of non-pharmacological therapies as a first line of treatment for chronic pain. However, they haven’t offered healthcare providers any truly effective options. Medical hypnosis could be that solution; however, unfounded biases and misunderstandings have kept hypnosis from being adopted as a treatment gold standard, even though decades of medical literature support hypnosis as an effective alternative to addictive and potentially life-threatening narcotic and non-narcotic medications. Perhaps, this is due to the healthcare system believing that all hypnosis is the same. It is not!


That is why I developed the MindWise Protocol. Not acknowledging the efficacy of drug-free pain management using hypnosis has negatively impacted patient outcomes and contributed to the opioid crisis the world now faces. Learning MWP addresses the current opioid crisis by reducing the need for narcotics.

In the presentation, Making Your Words the Narcotic, you will learn:

  • The real reason why chronic pain is difficult to treat and what is needed in order to shift this paradigm.

  • Why a new definition and treatment for chronic pain is necessary.

  • How acute post-operative pain and chronic pain can be effectively managed with MWP.

  • How to reduce the use of narcotic and non-narcotic prescriptions for pain management.

  • How you can improve patient outcomes today by changing the way you talk to patients.

Important Note: Physicians or their patients suffering from chronic pain are invited to volunteer for a live demonstration during this presentation.

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