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Updated: Dec 14, 2018

Would you like to control pain without prescribing narcotic medications?

One of the most difficult things that I encountered as a urologist was the evaluation, treatment, and management of chronic pain. I was constantly balancing how many Percocet tablets to give without my patients becoming addicted as I tried to alleviate their suffering. There was never any right answer.

I am sure you are experiencing this, too.

As you are aware, many chronic pain patients are bounced back and forth between primary care providers, surgeons, and psychiatrists, trying a multitude of medications and interventions without any long-term relief. And when they don't respond to those treatments, they can be quickly labeled as being psychosomatic or a drug seeker.

During my career as a surgeon, it always bothered me why there is such a difference between acute pain, such as from a surgery or trauma, verses chronic pain from a long-standing illness.

It struck me how I could perform an nephrectomy through a 12-inch abdominal incision and amazingly, these patients would return to my office on Post Op Day 10, and none of them, not one, would ask for a refill of their narcotic pain medications. In fact, the majority of them had stopped taking the pain meds by Post-Op Day 6; yet, their wound wasn’t healed.

In stark contrast, patients referred to me suffering from chronic pain were begging to make their pain go away. Their pain was unrelenting, and it was real.

In the MindWise Protocol for Drug-Free Pain Management, you will understand why chronic pain comes and goes, changes in locations and intensity, or exhibits varying characteristics. It’s not because the patient is psychosomatic or that they have a chronic illness of unknown etiology.

The MindWise Protocol for Drug-Free Pain Management is simple to learn, easy to do, and provides a new stream of income for your practice in only a 20-minute office visit. It doesn't matter the degree of pathology your patient has or their pain-scale level, you can make their pain go to a zero utilizing this method.

Attend the Drug-Free Pain Management Workshop to learn more.

In the next blog article, you will discover how to manage chronic pain and grow your practice with new and existing patients, all while improving your their quality of life.

Emile Allen, M.D.

Creator of the MindWise Protocol for Drug-Free Pain Management, Certified Instructor of Advanced Medical Hypnosis, Board Certified Hypnotist, and Former Chief of Urology and Vice-Chairman of Surgery

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