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When a surgeon goes to the operating room, one would never consider that the surgeon might not be the one to come out alive. Dr. Allen barely escaped electrocution while saving a patient's life. On the other side of his near-death experience, he heard a voice clearly say, ''I'm not ready for you yet. You have more work to do.''


Little did he know this pivotal moment would be the beginning of his transformative journey of self-discovery. A path that provided answers to the questions most people spend an entire lifetime asking: ''Is that it? Is that what life is all about?''


Travel the magnetic journey with Emile as he shows you the path to accept and overcome life's challenges, whether they are financial, emotional or physical. Eaten By The Tiger provides you with the key that opens the door to a more empowered life.

Eaten By The Tiger: Surrendering to an Empowered Life

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