The MindWise Protocol Workshop

for Drug-Free Pain Management - For Doctors!

Would you like to have a quick, easy, and effective solution for managing chronic pain?

Would you like to help prepare patients for upcoming surgery, so they can better self-manage their acute post-operative pain?

If you answered "Yes", then you need to come to the MindWise Protocol Workshop for Drug-Free Pain Management. This workshop is specifically designed for Healthcare Professionals (physicians, physician assistants, nurses, nurse practitioners, oral surgeons, dentists, chiropractors, and physical therapists).

As a surgeon, I see pain from a different perspective than the majority of the population because I not only had to manage my patients' acute post-operative pain, but I also had to learn how to manage my own chronic pain, drug-free, after a life-threatening accident.


What you are about to discover will change your entire outlook on managing pain. In this 2-Day Total Immersion Workshop, you will learn new skills that will be vital to your practice and also you personal growth as a health care professional. 

The MindWise Protocol for Drug-Free Pain Management, specifically developed by a surgeon to control his patients' post-operative pain, empowers the body’s innate ability to control pain.

In just a few short office visits, any healthcare practitioner trained in the MindWise Protocol can easily resolve pain, while at the same time, teach their patients how to quickly and effectively self-manage their own acute or chronic pain without depending upon addictive and debilitating prescription medications, that we all know, don't provide long-term relief.

Let me show you how.

When you attend the MindWise Protocol Workshop for Drug-Free Pain Management, you will learn:

  • What creates chronic pain and the real reasons why you are having difficulty treating it.

  • That despite your personal experience, treating patients with chronic pain can be quite easy and can be accomplished without the use of prescription medications or invasive interventions.

  • How to use medical hypnosis to quickly access the pain center of the subconscious mind.

  • How to prepare your patients prior to surgery so they can effectively self-manage their acute post-operative pain.

  • How you can increase your insurance and/or cash-based revenues with existing and new patients using this drug-free method in a 30 minute office visit.

  • Training your office assistants to increase efficiency in Drug-Free Pain Management.  




  I. How the MindWise Protocol overcomes challenges managing acute and chronic pain. 

  II. The chronic pain definition is flawed!  Here's how to fix it!

  III. The MindWise Model of the pain cycle. 

  IV. Why chronic pain changes intensity and characteristics. It's not what you've been taught. 

  V. The conditioned response of the pain cycle.

  VI. Medical Hypnosis is back and stronger than ever!

 VII. The MindWise Protocol For Drug-Free Pain Management

  • Preparing the patient for the MindWise Protocol.

  • Picking the correct hypnotic induction.

  • How to activate the body's innate ability to control acute or chronic pain.

  • The most effective method for teaching Patient-Driven Pain Management.

  • The 30-minute office visit and your'e done. 

  • and much, much more...


VIII. A new model to prepare patients for post-operative acute pain control. 


IX. Assuring success while managing pain. 

X. Trouble shooting sessions and managing opioid withdrawal.

XI. How to make the MindWise Protocol a patient-driven program.


XII. Marketing and billing for sessions, and much, much more... 


After taking this 2-Day Workshop, you will be able to immediately implement the MindWise Protocol for Drug-Free Pain Management into your practice and have the tools you need to effectively manage acute post-operative pain and help those suffering from chronic pain.

Have a positive impact on the opioid crisis.

Enhance your practice and empower your patients to manage their own pain using the MindWise Protocol for Drug-Free Pain Management.

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