Do you want to build your hypnosis practice?

Then learn how to:​

  • Get physician referrals.

  • Prepare patients for post-op pain management.

  • Help chronic pain patients.

Learn from retired surgeon and medical hypnotist Dr. Emile Allen.

October 25 & 26th
Fort Lauderdale, FL
$2,499  $1,495

What you are about to discover will change your entire outlook on managing pain. In the MindWise Protocol Workshop for Drug-Free Pain Management, a 2-Day Total Immersion Workshop, you will learn new skills that will be vital to the growth of your hypnosis practice. 

As a retired surgeon, I view pain differently than other physicians and hypnotists. Why? Because I not only had to manage my patients' post-operative pain, but I had to manage my own chronic pain drug free after a life-threatening accident. From this, I developed the MindWise Protocol for Drug-Free Pain Management, a simple process that uses hypnosis to empower the body’s innate ability to control pain.

For years, I’ve been teaching people how to control pain, drug free, with this highly-effective method that anyone can do, anytime, anywhere in minutes. Read the testimonials and you’ll see how physicians and clients are amazed at how powerful this drug-free method is for erasing years of pain and suffering.


"As a surgeon, I see pain from a different perspective than the majority of the population because I not only had to manage my patients' acute post-operative pain, but I also had to learn how to manage my own chronic pain, drug-free, after a life-threatening accident."

In just a few short office visits, any hypnotist trained in the MindWise Protocol can easily resolve pain, while at the same time, teach their clients how to quickly and effectively self-manage their own acute or chronic pain without depending upon addictive and debilitating prescription medications that we all know don't provide long-term relief.

Let me show you how.


​When you attend the MindWise Protocol Workshop for Drug-Free Pain Management, you will learn:


The MindWise Protocol:

  • The Number 1 Key to successful pain management.

  • What creates chronic pain and the real reasons why you are having difficulty treating it.

  • The latest clinical research on hypnosis and pain management.

  • How to use medical hypnosis to quickly access the pain center of the subconscious mind, which makes treating pain quite easy.

  • How to do a pain management session in 30 to 45 minutes.

  • How to work with a client's doctor to decrease prescription medications and medical interventions.

  • How to prepare patients prior to surgery so they can effectively self-manage their acute post-operative pain.


Marketing the MindWise Protocol to build your practice:

  • How to market your expertise as a pain management specialist to the general public and physicians.

  • Things that you never do with a client for your own protection and the things you should always do for the best interest of your clients.

  • Turnkey marketing and business liability protocols.



After taking this 2-Day Workshop, you will be able to immediately implement the MindWise Protocol for Drug-Free Pain Management into your practice and have the tools you need to effectively manage acute post-operative pain and help those suffering from chronic pain.

Have a positive impact on the opioid crisis.

Enhance your practice and empower your clients to manage their own pain using the MindWise Protocol for Drug-Free Pain Management.

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