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Who Is This For?

Who's it for

Private, one-on-one training sessions online via Zoom. Open to anyone who suffers from pain.

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Physicians and Nurses who would like an effective alternative to narcotics.



As the opioid crisis continues to worsen worldwide, healthcare systems are looking for a way to tackle the challenges in pain management while at the same time mitigating opioid risks. History has shown that current pain management practices are not working. The pain paradigm needs to change. There must be a reduction in opioid prescriptions, and a patient-driven protocol to manage pain needs to be established. Reducing the number of opioid prescriptions written by physicians will help to reduce the number of emergency room visits and hospital re-admissions.


The MindWise Protocol (MWP) for Patient-Driven Drug-Free Pain Management directly addresses healthcare’s challenges regarding opioid addiction associated with acute and chronic pain management. MWP provides a multi-factorial means to:

  • Improve provider-patient communication skills to positively impact patient outcomes.

  • Manage acute post-operative and chronic pain more effectively drug-free.

  • Decrease the opioid prescription rate written by physicians.

  • Train healthcare providers how to manage pain drug free.

  • Teach and empower the patient to be more proactive in the management of their pain through an educational component.

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