Who Is The Program For?


People who suffer daily from constant pain and want to relieve that pain on their own, without drugs.

Health care professionals who would like an effective alternative to narcotics.

Hypnotists that want to build a practice with physician referrals for drug-free pain management.

Private, one-on-one training sessions online via Zoom. Open to anyone who suffers from pain.



Did you know that the CDC and governmental agencies require physicians to use non-pharmacological methods as the first line of treatment for chronic pain? Become one of the thousands of people who have learned how to manage their pain drug-free using self hypnosis.


It doesn't matter whether you suffer from chronic pain, or you are a provider who struggles with the best method to manage chronic pain, you've come to the right place.


Learn how the MindWise Protocol is quickly becoming the Gold Standard for drug-free pain management.


I would like to teach you how.

As a retired surgeon, I have a very unique perspective on pain. Why? Because I not only had to manage my patients' acute post-operative pain, but I had to manage my own pain after a life-threatening accident.

From this, I developed the MindWise Protocol for Drug-Free Pain Management, a simple process that facilitates the body's innate ability to manage pain. More and more people, including health care professionals, alternative health care professionals, and the public are impressed at the effectiveness of this protocol and wanted to know more. Therefore, I created workshops specifically designed for these groups. 

Emile A. Allen, M.D. 

Private online sessions are also available as a powerful adjunct to your current medical treatments if they are not working for you or if you are scheduled to have surgery and would like to keep your post-operative pain to a minimum. It’s simple and can even be done from the privacy of your home online. We are simply going to video chat a few times and afterwards you will be able to manage your pain within minutes. Just remember that it is important that you are under the care of your physician and follow his/her advice at all times.


​The MindWise Protocol is easy to learn, simple to do, and can be performed in minutes, anytime, anywhere. You can self-manage your pain or your patient's pain, decreasing the need for pain medications or possibly even eliminating them.


For years, I’ve been teaching people how to control pain, drug free, with this highly-effective method. I have helped those suffering from chronic pain and post-operative pain. I have also used it in emergency situations while volunteering in third-world countries, and even on a scuba diving boat to help a woman suffering from decompression sickness.


Read the testimonials and you’ll see how physicians and clients alike are amazed at how powerful this drug-free method is for erasing years of pain and suffering.


​Now, physicians have an effective way to meet the new CDC mandates while decreasing the risk of opioid dependency and/or addiction!

If you are interested in learning more, then attend a MindWise Protocol Workshop of your choice or schedule a private online session with Dr. Allen!


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